Joint Jam®, CBD Travel Pack

For all of your traveling needs, we have created the Joint Jam®, CBD Travel Pack. All of our travel packs contain the following:

  • Joint Jam® CBD Salve – Travel Size
  • Bubble Buzz® CBD Bubble Bath – Travel Size
  • Salt Buzz® CBD Salt Soak – Travel Size

Just because you are traveling doesn’t mean you need to be inconvenienced by leaving your favorite CBD comfort products at home. Our Joint Jam®, CBD Travel Pack contains travel-size versions of our three most popular products: Joint Jam® CBD Salve, Bubble Buzz® CBD Bubble Bath, and Salt Buzz® CBD Salt Soak in convenient travel-sized containers. Their small profiles will save you space in your bag while still providing enough product to bring an extra piece of home along with you on your trip. It’s as easy as ordering yours today! Travel safe and enjoy!

  • Contains No Parabens or Phthalates
  • All Natural Organic Ingredients
  • Contains No Harmful Chemicals
  • Made in the USA
  • Made in Small Batches to Ensure Quality
  • Pharmacist Recommended CBD Product