Bubble Buzz®, CBD Bubble Bath

Relieve the stresses of your day with Joint Jam’s Bubble Buzz®, CBD Bubble Bath

  • Contains Lavender Essential Oils for Relaxation
  • Contains CBD for Soothing Relief
  • All Natural Ingredients

When you use Joint Jam’s Bubble Buzz®, CBD Bubble Bath, all of the troubles of your day will dissipate. This CBD bubble bath contains organic essential oils that can be used in your bathtub or as a foot bath. Our luxurious lavender CBD bubble bath is easy to use and dissolves quickly. Bubble Buzz is a soothing blend of liquid suspension soap base, glycerin, lavender, essential oils, and cannabidiol (CBD). End your day right, and order our CBD bubble bath today!

  • Contains No Harmful Chemicals
  • Made in the USA
  • Made in Small Batches for the Best Quality
  • Pharmacist recommended CBD product